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Protect Your Ears From Noisy Summer Fun

Is hearing loss expensive?

Don't miss the surprising results of a new study.

While there is plenty of research showing how hearing loss can affect many other aspects of your overall health, a groundbreaking new study shows how untreated hearing loss can affect your wallet when it comes to medical bills. 

Top 10 noisiest summer activities

Don't forget to pack hearing protection for the whole family if you enjoy any of these very noisy pastimes.

What parents need to know about baby's hearing

Chances are good your newborn baby can hear normally, and now, basic tests can tell if your new bundle of joy may have hearing loss. What really matters is how you follow up. 

Dancing to your own beat

We recently talked with the amazing Deaf dancers of Gallaudet University's esteemed dance troupe! Read about their passion, dedication and how they give new meaning to "feeling the music.”

If you pack sunscreen, water, and a hat in summer, why not earplugs?